Allergies result from two conditions, an internal environment which is a responsive host and an external pathogen (food, dust, pollen, etc). Herbs are used in two manners. The first is symptomatic relief from runny noses, itchy eyes, coughs etc.

The second phase is to boost the immune system by strengthening the internal organs in order to create an environment which is not hospitable to the external pathogen.

The three main organs involved in immune function are the  Spleen, Lung and Liver.

When the Spleen’s transformative function is weak it creates “damp”. In other words,  when the digestive tract is weak, there is a back up of fluid and waste product from the food. External pathogens (dust, pollen) easily overload the already taxed system creating ‘Damp” (mucous & swelling).

The Liver is responsible for the smooth flow of energy and for cleaning “toxins” from the blood. If it is weak the allergens will not be removed from the blood. The excess toxins show up symptomatically as dry red itchy eyes and red itchy skin. If the liver is not processing efficiently, the spleen gets to hold onto more and more of the back log of toxins.

The Lungs are the most environmentally sensitive of the organs. They screen impurities from the air. If they are not pumping efficiently, toxins get backed up, not only in the Lungs, but in the skin as well. This can result in cough, wheezing, hives etc.

If the Liver, Spleen and Lungs are balanced and strengthened when the immune response is not being activated, the body will have stronger resistance to allergens.

Formulas for Symptomatic Relief of Nasal Congestion

Nasal Decongest– relief  for runny nose

Sinus Relief- Especially good for chronic sinus inflamation without copious phlegm


Formulas for Symptomatic Relief of Allergic Reactions

Allergyplex–  red eyes, itchy eyes and ears, sinus irritation

Sinus Decongest– sinus headaches


Formulas to Increase Immune Function

Immunoplex–  helps strengthen the immune system

Reishi– increases white blood cells as well as reducing dampness

Astragalus– strengthens the lung and spleen


Formulas to Improve  Digestive Function

American Ginseng-tonifies the speen and lungs

Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang– for poor digestion , with abdominal bloating, pain or gas, and reduced energy level

There are many  other herbs and formulas which can be helpful in treating allergies , these are just a few of our favorites – if you would like assistance in designing a treatment plan which would be most effective for you call us at 707-523-3517


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