Custom Formulas

The traditional method of using Chinese herbs is to create “custom formulas”.
These formulas are designed to bring your body into balance, and to help it to achieve maximum health at any given time.

What forms do these come in?

Raw Herbs-Traditionally, a tea is formulated by combining 6-20 different herbs,totaling about 120 grams.

See our Custom Formula Cooking Directions  for more details on the preparation.

It usually does not taste great, but is definitely the way to attain the maximum affect from the herbs.

Tinctures- these are our standard tinctures , pressure cooked with alcohol and water at a low temperature.

Capsules- these are again prepared with the same method as all Four Season’s Capsules- no fillers just concentrated herbs.

How do I know which herbs to put in my formula?

You can put together the formula yourself , through research and experience

You can use a formula put together by your acupuncturist.

Our licensed acupuncturists, herbalists can help you design a formula.

Just fill out our herbal consultation form, e-mail it after it is complete, and then set up a time for your 30 minute phone consult.

How much does this cost?

There will be a price variance depending on which herbs you choose.

The average cost of a bag of tea is $12.00 (this lasts for 2 days)

The average tincture cost for  8 oz is $45 ( about a months supply)

The average cost of 200 capsules is $56 (about a months supply)

The herbal consultation is $45, which will be deducted from the cost of your herbs when you place your order.





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