Diane Silva L.Ac

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I’ve been practicing Chinese Medicine since 1995, after receiving a master degree in Oriental Medicine from Emperor’s College and receiving both  California and National Acupuncture licenses.

My background in both Child Development and dance and yoga has had a great influence on my style of acupuncture. Working with young children  taught me to observe and wait for that “Learning Moment” described by Maria Montessori, when the person is ready to gain an understanding, ready to make a change, and in this instance, improve their health.

Dance and Yoga taught me about alignment and moving energy (Qi). I used dance my whole life to undo the stuck places and I try to transfer that movement to my hands and the needles when I am working on somebody.

After doing Ashtanga yoga and getting to a plateau, I met Paulie Zink, with who I studied Taoist Yoga.I learned that flexibility comes not so much from “stretching” muscles as from opening our joints, undoing all the trauma and unhealthy habits that congest them, so that we can move freely.

My greatest teachers have been the people I have treated over the last 19 years. By traveling with them on their various paths. I have learned so much about illness and health. About herbs, needles, and massage.

So, I guess I told you about some of my teachers. It is the learning that has kept the practice of this medicine so much fun for me. Health is fun, finding that place that feels good, and learning how to keep it accessible as much as we possibly can.

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