Diane Silva L.Ac

I’ve been an acupuncturist/ herbalist for over 20 years. I received my Master of Oriental Medicine from Emperor’s College. And got my National as well as my California license in 1996.

And… that is when I could begin learning – from my clients. Each person is unique. Each presentation of symptoms is unique.

I love the simplicity, the common sense, of Asian Medicine. It is about balance, harmony, and acceptance. So.. the first step is trying to figure out what is going on in a given moment. Are you hot? Cold? Stuck? Running Rampant? Is a pathogen entering your body? Is one stuck in your liver, your heart, your muscles. What is it’s nature? Where does it reside?

And then.. How do you give it what it needs to heal. Touch? Needles? Herbs? Heat? Exercise? Acceptance?

So…this medicine is one of curiosity and discovery, It is about experiencing the moment or at least trying to the best we can.

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