I am often asked the question ” WHICH IS BETTER LIQUIDS OR PILLS”.Taking herbs feels natural  while at same time can be a complex understanding of relationships. Often we need a surge in energy to combat depression, fatigue and at the other end of the spectrum a release from stress, hormone imbalance and anxiety. We can look to herbs to do it in a steady natural way without the side effects of drugs .

Liquids  enter the blood stream fairly quickly.  Some is absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat even before hitting the stomach.

Pills go a slower route to make it into our blood stream .

Herbs are absorbed through   the stomach and spleen merdians  , stomach acid breaks down proteins  pancreatic enzymes free sugars and carbohydrates  and the small intestine absorbs these nutrients, our blood stream carries it to vital organs and tissue.


So, it comes down to individual preference,liquids give you the quick effect and the pills take longer to break down and  release more slowly.




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