Scott Conley L.Ac.

I began my  healing journey in 1973 with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi TM Transcendental Meditation. I was 15 years old and happened to see  his very joyous face on the Merv Griffin Show. His eye’s twinkled and his personality swayed from totally serious to infectious joyous laughter. He gave his reassurance that pain and suffering were not the basis of everything. I went through the TM initiation and  shortly after I felt such relief inside myself. Of course I wanted more so when I turned 18, I went to live and work  at their Ashram in Northern California. As I made my way through their  organization,  I learned about body work , states of mediation, and diet therapies.

I began my studies of Acupuncture, Acupressure & Herbology in early 1980s. At a the time there were no teaching Colleges for Oriental medicine, in the United States so I apprenticed with Asian teachers. Luckily I lived in Santa Monica where I met Doann Kaneko. As new arrival from the East, and a second generation practitioner of his family’s healing art, ShiatsuAnma.    I worked in  Kaneko’s  Shiatsu Clinic   for the next  3 years . Two very unique experiences I had at this time were : one elderly woman who had been responding well to the treatments,  became ill after a long session  of  Shiastsu amna . After this, I learned how to  work deeply and safely by concentrating on the areas below the knees and elbows.  The other incident was when  I was observing a woman and  began to see her aura . Some how my mind became aware of concentrations of cancer in her body. When I told her what I saw  she went to a doctor . The test she was given  confirmed that she had breast cancer.

All this time my curosity kept evolving until the 1990 where I ran into Ron Teaguarden(Author Chinese Tonic Herbs). He was trying to put together an Chinese Tonic herb store in Venice California. He said he was the Magic Johnson of the Chinese herb world and he  offered me his share in the now non published book Chinese Tonic herbs that had a yearly National publication and National distribution of 20,000 copies worldwide. So I went to work for the Master of Chinese Herb Public Relations Ron Teagurden and found myself immersed in every aspect of purchasing, preparing, and selling  Chinese herbs.  I met  several Chinese herb importers , including Mr. Chang in Los Angeles Chinatown. Mr Chang was in his late 70’s and had been practicing Chinese Herbalism for over 50 years. He became my mentor and helped me develop many critical formulas for my new business venture with Ron Teaguarden.

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