Healing is a two step process in Chinese medicine.  First is the clearing- or helping the body to rid itself of pathogens.  These pathogens come in many forms- virus, bacteria, stress, toxins, injuries, etc.

It is important to take care of symptoms that are present first .

When the pathogens are no longer  the dominant presence-  it is time to tonify.  This means building blood and Qi , tonifying kidneys , lungs , digestion etc.  wherever your weakness is. herbs have the ability to build up weak organs,nervous systems , immune systems etc. and make our bodies less susceptible to the pathogens when they do present themselves.

Most people have certain organ systems that are their weak link.

If you are prone to respiratory or skin problems , your Lungs need tonifying

If you are prone to digestive or immune system problems- your Spleen needs tonifying

If you are prone to soft tissue injury, eye problems or your are overstressed – your Liver needs tonifying

If your are prone to bone injuries, adrenal or age related problems- your Kidneys need tonifying.

If you are prone to anxiety, or circulatory problems- your Heart needs tonifying

Taken over time the appropriate tonic herbs will  usually help to reduce the amount and severity of various symptoms.

This process of strengthening is not as dramatic as the clearing process sometimes is and it takes time-but it allows for  a new level of health to  be achieved or regained.

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